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I Propose

I propose that I give in and be kind to myself;

put all judgment and negative thoughts that arise on a shelf;

I propose that I embrace my body - every pore, stretch mark, pound, and hair;

and appreciate all parts of me, and prioritize self-care.

I propose that I be confident in the values that make me unique:

intelligence, humor, compassion, loving-kindness, passion, and being sweet;

I propose that I remain present in each moment, holding the intention to

take in all I can,

Breathe deep, love hard, dream big, and speak with respect and kindness to every woman and man;

I propose I don't self-loathe

and when I'm down, show myself compassion and kindness;

I propose that I continue self-improving,

growing, learning, and practicing mindfulness;

I propose I explore factors that help manage anxiety/depression and prevent self-hate,

learn my health needs, medication regiment, mindfulness routine, and beliefs in faith;

I propose that I continue working to be vulnerable,

engaging in uncomfortable conversations;

I propose I continue to find joy in each moment,

celebrating life and pure elation;

I propose I work to hold my friendships close and cherish them with all my heart,

even though I have trouble staying in contact, especially when we're apart;

I propose I stick to my schedule of who I'll contact and when - in order to remain in touch;

and stick to my scheduled routines, maybe start by not over-committing so much;

I propose I always continue learning and feeding my hunger for knowledge;

I propose I work to do good for others, and make changes on a larger scale,

like I did back in college;

I propose exploring my fear of intimacy and what I truly want in life regarding partnership -

determine what my priorities are: Global impact? Marriage? Kids? Getting rich?

I propose whatever I decide and discover, my curiosity never ceases -

I yearn to live for myself, enjoy life to the fullest, and not give so much to others in order to please.


#anxiety #depression #inspiration #goals #motivation #selflove #mindfulness #selfidentity #traumarecovery


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