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In-Network Mental Health

Search Resources 

Below we have directly hyperlinked the behavioral/mental health provider search websites of a few of the largest insurance networks to help you find affordable (in-network) qualified licensed professional counselors and/or mental health Providers. Click your insurance below and enter your location information to begin finding a licensed professional near you that your insurance will cover.


Don't see your insurance listed? Try searching "[insert name of your insurance here] mental health providers" or "[insert name of your insurance here] behavioral health providers" to quickly find the page. 


Having trouble finding it? Contact us and we can try to help!

Don't see your insurance and having trouble finding it on your own? Contact us and we can try to help.



UHC's Live and Work Well website offers behavioral health resources. Find therapists, psychiatrists or other clinics in your network by searching by Name, Expertise, Condition, etc.



For first-time, non-emergency mental health appointments in your plan network, call 1-888-287-2680 or 206-630-1680.
"You will be asked a few questions about your needs and location. These questions help us find a specialist who's right for you. You may be referred to a Kaiser Permanente Mental Health provider or another mental health specialist in your plan network."



Follow the link, and select your information for the 4 dropdown questions:

1. type of care: *medical*

2. Your State 

3. Your type of plan (Medical, Medicare, FEP, International)  

4. Your plan/network

*Note: Providers for Behavioral Health & Substance Use Disorder Services are listed under Medical Care.*



Take one of Aetna's mental health checks to "Check in on you":

  • Anxiety Check

  • Depression Check

  • Mind Check

"Everyone gets sad, anxious or distracted at times. But if these feelings keep up, or you just want a mental check-in, try one of these resources. Simply answer a few questions, and get next steps to work on your well-being."Remember, this isn’t a full picture of your mental health or a diagnosis of anxiety. Only your doctor or behavioral health provider can make a diagnosis.



Select "Find a Provider" and fill out the form at the bottom of Cigna's "Find a Therapist/Psychiatrist/Hospital" page.

Note: "The providers that are listed do not guarantee that the services from that provider are covered under your specific plan. The listing is subject to change. Be sure to call Cigna and/or the provider and check!



Click this link and enter your zip code!

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